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What is ADHD?

The NHS states, ‘Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition that affects people’s behaviour. People with ADHD can seem restless, may have trouble concentrating and may act on impulse.’

ADHD is, usually, diagnosed during childhood – before the person is 12 years old. There are, however, recent trends of many adults being diagnosed with ADHD as awareness and knowledge of it expands. Many adults are now realising that their personality traits and how they conduct themselves may well be down to undiagnosed ADHD and are, subsequently, seeking diagnosis.


Symptoms of ADHD in adults would, usually, have been present during childhood and may have continued into adulthood. Symptoms may vary from person to person, and may include:

  • carelessness and lack of attention to detail
  • continually starting new tasks before finishing old ones
  • poor organisational skills
  • inability to focus or prioritise
  • continually losing or misplacing things
  • forgetfulness
  • restlessness and edginess
  • difficulty keeping quiet, and speaking out of turn
  • blurting out responses and often interrupting others
  • mood swings, irritability and a quick temper
  • inability to deal with stress
  • extreme impatience
  • taking risks in activities, often with little or no regard for personal safety or the safety of others – for example, driving dangerously

Does this sound like you?

We would always recommend seeking further assistance, guidance, and a diagnosis from your GP.