This is the Police National Dyslexia Association's logo, which has the crest logo of the association alongside the name.


Any warranted officer and any staff member of any Police Organisation can join the PNDA at no cost. This includes Special Constables and any Volunteers (for example, Citizens in Policing volunteers). If you are not of a policing body, but would like to be considered for membership, please contact us via contact@pnda.org.uk (please use an official e-mail account when contacting us, from your work / academic body, for example).

How do I become a Member?

It’s quite simple! Just fill out the form below. Once submitted, the PNDA team will look over your application and get back to you.

What does Membership Include?

You will join a supportive network of people from across the UK! You will receive regular updates about the work that the PNDA is doing, invitations to events, and membership to an upcoming forum. 

Register for Membership

Apply to join the Police National Dyslexia Association. This form is sent to the PNDA Team and, once verified, you will be sent an e-mail welcoming you to the Association.

You will receive regular updates about the good work that the PNDA do, which you can opt out of.


If you are filling this form out on your organisation’s internet, it may return an error – this is an issue with your organisation’s internet arrangements / IT departments. If you encounter an error, please use a personal device / a device not connected to your organisation’s internet.

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