This is the Police National Dyslexia Association's logo, which has the crest logo of the association alongside the name.


Formed with the letters p q b d the symbol is inspired by dyslexics and how they process information differently in ways that provide advantages in reasoning and understanding relationships.’

– pqbd.org

Rebecca Warner is a 2012 founding member of the Virginia chapter of Decoding Dyslexia, DDVA. Active in legislative efforts in the VA General Assembly as well as a co-host for DDVA meetings in Virginia. Her experience includes the organization of Decoding Dyslexia on a national level, speaking engagements, fundraising, and events.

Rebecca is the owner and designer of the dyslexia symbol, ‘pqbd®,’ which she has graciously licenced the Police National Dyslexia Association to use.

Rebecca advocates for awareness and training in dyslexia both on a national and international level with projects that include the Dyslexia Friendly Library, Police National Dyslexia Association in the UK, Learning Disabilities Conference Japan, Dyslexia Organization Kenya, and the marketing committee for Riverside School. Most importantly, she is the parent of two neurodiverse sons, a dyslexic sophomore at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and an ADHD freshman at the Virginia Military Institute. They guide her daily.

The work that Rebecca has done to support and promote dyslexia and dyslexic thinking can not be understated. She has, through Decoding Dyslexia Virginia, challenged the state’s General Assembly and successfully passed laws requiring all teachers to watch a specific awareness module. The law also enforced the hiring of dyslexia advisors, and higher education to include dyslexia training, and for parental notification when a student is not hitting certain benchmarks.

This work did not just stop at the passing of these bills. In 2022, policy makers in Virginia passed the Virginia Literacy Act, which further strengthened the work undertaken by Rebecca and her peers.

We at the PNDA are honoured to be working closely with pqbd.org, Rebecca Warner, and her team to further their work at a national policing level in the United Kingdom.