This is the Police National Dyslexia Association's logo, which has the crest logo of the association alongside the name.

From our very close friend, PC Chris Hall, of Leicester Police and the Disability Support Network.

On Tuesday 20th February the Disability Support Network attended the launch of the newly created Police National Dyslexia Association.

The PNDA has been a work in progress over the last three years aving been spearheaded by Sergeant Maria Canning of Devon & Cornwall police with a mission to promote the benefits of Dyslexic thinking and encourage inclusiveness, understanding and acceptance of all neurodiversity. The event was well attended by senior officers including Chief Constable Jason Hogg (Thames Valley), Chief Constable Jim Colwell (Devon & Cornwall) , ACC Matt Welstead (West Mids) ACO Alexis Poole (Devon and Cornwall & National Neruodiversity working group Chair), and hosted by Lord Addington – Chair of the British Dyslexia Association.

PC Chris Hall who leads our Leics “Let’s Talk Neurodiversity” and Neurodiversity Lead from the DSN gave an inspirational speech to all the delegates about his own lived experience of growing up with Dyslexia and his onward journey into Policing.

Chris said:

Many people with Dyslexia and other Neurodivergences have unfortunately often gone through their entire lives being told they are, stupid or “thick” or won’t ever achieve. The DSN Lets Talk Neurodiversity and the PNDA are here to turn the tide on historic views on Dyslexia. Its time to change the narrative on Neurodivergence.

Lets celebrate our difference, embrace our individuality and encourage the different ways of thinking of our Neurodivergent colleagues.

If anyone needs support with Neurodivergence be it Dyslexia or otherwise please contact letstalk@leics.police.uk and one of our peer supporters can help support you or give advice. I would also encourage all to become members of the PNDA.

In Leicestershire we really are drivers for change in this field with our support group Let’s Talk ND, awareness for managers being rolled out and the development of a new package of training for new recruits we can be proud of the fact we are a leading force for change.

If you would like to help drive change forward please do get in touch

PC Chris Hall (centre)

DI Steve Kilsby, Co -Chair of the DSN said:

“This was a truly wonderful event showcasing the very best of what people CAN do with their Dyslexia and for me, it really pushed some boundaries in terms of how we all see and think about neurodivergent people. Dyslexic thinking is a skill which employers and in particular, the police service should embrace. It promotes and feeds creativity in the workplace and allows our people to flourish. For me, this was a watershed moment around acceptance and embracing people’s individual skills. I am very proud of our officers and staff in Leics Police and we as a network will continue to support and promote “ABILITY for all”. I would encourage all officers and staff to sign up for PNDA membership”

PC Chris Hall and DI Steve Kilsby outside New Scotland Yard