This is the Police National Dyslexia Association's logo, which has the crest logo of the association alongside the name.

It was an absolute honour for the Police National Dyslexia Association to welcome CI Graeme Gallie to the launch of the Association at the House of Lords and New Scotland Yard. CI Gallie had flown down from Scotland specifically for the event! To have the support and involvement of Police Scotland to truly make the PNDA a national UK Association is fantastic and we can’t wait to work closely with our colleagues in Scotland.

A quote from CI Gallie about the PNDA launch:

CI Graeme Gallie, Police Scotland Neurodiversity Strategic Working Group – Tactical Lead.  

It was an honour and a privilege to represent Police Scotland at the launch of the PNDA.  As a card carrying Dyslexic it was great meeting others from across the UK who are either Neurodiverse or who want to support colleagues to be the best they can be.  Dyslexic thinking is an underutilised power for good which can enhance policing today and into the future.  The PNDA will go a long way to support and promote the superpowers that Neurodiverse staff and officers possess.

CI Graeme Gallie with PNDA Founders